I am a writer and secondary school teaching assistant living in the countryside of the South Midlands. I am fascinated by nature and ‘place’ – particularly the places of my own region – and the links between landscapes, wildlife and people, which I write about from a personal point of view, often based on walks and other journeys I have taken through local landscapes. I also write about things of a more domestic order – home, family, and my history of both.

I have been writing about nature and other topics for almost fourteen years. I have written a nature column for two local publications, worked in a promotional and writing role for ‘sustainable transport’, and have written a previous nature/place blog.

I am a graduate in social sciences and hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Nonfiction.

This website is being developed to function as a place to hold some of the various pieces of work I am currently writing, and have written over the past few years, and also as an occasional blog-site.